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          1. About us

            Company profile

            ● Jiangsu Nantong Shentong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shentong machinery") is a professional manufacturer of marine equipment, marine equipment and industrial equipment with business all over the world.

            ● Shentong machinery focuses on: phase change heat exchanger, self cleaning filter, marine heat exchanger, pressure vessel, low sulfur device, preheating and cooling system, silencing device and other products; its main products have been certified by CCS, dnv-gl, ABS, BV, LR, Rina, RS, NK, Kr and other classification societies. The products are widely used in ocean merchant ships, offshore oil platforms, military ships, coastal islands and industrial enterprises Etc. At present, the customer base covers world-famous shipping companies, shipyards, offshore engineering projects and industrial engineering projects at home and abroad.

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            Product display

            The weapon to maximize the value of the supply chain will be a rapid response based on demand management. Demand management has become a necessary condition for the sustainable success of enterprises. The risk resistance of companies with good demand forecast and quick response ability has been significantly improved. 

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            News and information

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